Deer and Dangerous Fences

The facts:

  • Iron, mesh, or wooden spiked fences lead to injured, maimed or dead deer and other animals.
  • Deer are dying from being caught on fences in chestnut hill residences, including the morris arboretum.

You do have options:

  1. Consider not buying a fence / try planting shrubs or trees for boundaries.
  2. If buying a fence:
    • buy a fence that is 8 or 9 feet high so that deer can’t jump over it.
    • do not buy a fence that has spikes or wires on top of the fence or places where deer can wedge themselves between posts or under fences.
    • contact fencing companies for help with safe fencing materials
  3. Solutions to help with an existing fence
    • attach a rubber garden hose over the top of  the spikes on tops of fences.
    • put a hole in small rubber balls that can be  attached to the top of the spikes.
    • cover the bottom areas of fences that have spaces with a strong wire mesh or wooden boards to prevent entry.
    • contact fencing companies for help with  materials to make your existing fence safe.

Keep the deer safe as they forage for food, you can make a difference!!

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