First Amendment Battle Continues

Since December 4, 2010 when Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer members were illegally stopped from protesting in Fairmount Park, I have consulted with MaryCatherine Roper, an attorney for the Philadelphia office of the American Civil Liberties Union. This is an illegal event that involved the Philadelphia Police Department, Barry Bessler, Chief of Staff of the Fairmount Park Rangers with the Commission of Parks and Recreation being the group overseeing all activities in Fairmount Park. Ms. Roper is involved in setting forth the demands that PAD has to compensate for the violation of their civil liberties.

I therefore propose the following:

  1. A press conference with the Philadelphia Police, Barry Bessler, and Michael DiBerardinis, Commissioner of the Commission on Parks and Recreation, Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer and Friends of Animals to give a public apology for the event that occurred on December 4, 2010.
  1. That the Fairmount Park Rangers, the Commission on Parks and Recreation and the Philadelphia a Police help coordinate a public forum on the Deer Issue in the Wissahickon Valley with PAD to be held at a location n Chestnut Hill with a moderator. Participants would include Barry Bessler, the Commissioner on Parks and Recreation, Friends of the Wissahickon, Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer and Friends of Animals spokespersons and others yet to be determined.  It has been 11 years of killing in the Wissahickon Valley with no public meetings, to explain why this continues s to occur and no way to communicate to neighbor’s alternate ways to live with the deer peacefully.

I feel strongly this is a viable way for PAD to begin to be compensated for having their civil liberties violated.

If our group had involved protesting for human rights and had their rights violated, the press of Philadelphia and the City of Philadelphia would have responded to this violation. Thus far only the Chestnut Hill Local has responded although the Philadelphia Inquirer and other local papers were informed. Are not animal rights important as well?

by Mary Ann Baron
Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer  

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